Monday, August 24, 2009

River's Bend

Here is a shot with one of my main characters seeing how logs that once were a part of his home are transported by man. I chose a the truck to be far off on the bridge and a bit vague because that's how the character would feel when he's introduced to such a foreign thing he's never seen that is invading his life. He doesn't know anything about it but it will soon become something he can't avoid and will learn more than he ever wanted to know about it.

I do a lot of these value study shots just to set up a composition that sets a mood. It's one of my favorite things to do and I find it so much easier to do in photoshop because if I don't like a foreground or mid ground object I can move it quickly. Now most of my initial thumbnails I jot down on paper simply because ideas don't always happen when I'm near my computer but you can always have or even find paper ( I know some people who actually prefer napkins because they are such a throw-away thing- love people like that).

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gg. said...

this is lovely megan! hope you are doing well. -geeti.