Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wicked Fun

I had a little time so I added a little painting I finished a few days ago. It's for a personal project I've been working on when I have a little bit of time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some more fun

Here's another I had a really fun time with. ever since college I had this little character I would draw off and on when I was bored in class and finally I have a world I can put him in. And this little guy lives in a world with dragons and fun rock formations. It's a big world and a little guy- pretty much how I feel right now. :)

New stuff

So, it's been FOREVER since I update this. I've been extremely busy with my regular job and other freelance projects, but I've still had a little time to work on my own stuff. Posting is a completely different matter however. That said, here's something new and a little different. I'm really starting to be inspired by artists like Brittney Lee and Erwin Madrid. While it's not exactly like them, I really enjoy the whimsy and overall design with each of them, plus it looks like they have a lot of fun in what they do. I think we in the business sometimes lose sight of that. I have but I'm getting it back lately and enjoying every minute of it.