Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here's something that's been finished for a bit. I've been missing NY and I was looking at Paul Felix's stuff from Bolt- both inspired me to do something so what better to do than the NY subway. I actually looked at buildings from Brooklyn and though the 1 train does not go to Brooklyn I couldn't help putting it there. That 1 train carried me home every night when I lived in Manhatten so I thought what the hell and decided to pay tribute. Sorry if that offends New Yorkers, I just couldn't help myself.


.. said...

aww.. amy (from AC) here.. we miss you too!!

gg. said...

this is beautiful megan! -geeti.

Megan Crisp said...

Thanks, Geeti! I hope you're doing well!

Amy, I miss you guys. Things are okay in LA, it's just not NY. I may be out there in Nov. for a little trip and I'll drop in and say Hi!

Brendan Tobin said...

Come back and visit then! Love this piece, even though you offended me by putting the 1 train in Brooklyn. Heh. It has a nice isolated feel to it, reminiscent of Edward Hopper.